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(25th Anniversary of Asian Journal of Physics Vol. 25 No 1, 2016)

Edited By

William T. Rhodes, John (Sean) Sheridan, Damien P. Kelly and Guohai Situis

Alieva, T. & Bastiaans, M.J. (2003).

Fractional cosine and sine transforms. Asian Journal of Physics, 12(1), 25-32. in Web of Science Cited 31 times

Asian Journal Of Physics is one of the dedicated journal to scholarly communication in the field of Physics. Over the years, it has witnessed the progress in the research and development in the various intricate aspects of Physics.

Dr R S Jayasree

Dr R S Jayasree

Assistant Editor, AJP

Honour to Dr R S Jayasree,  Assistant Editor, Asian J Phys


Dr. R. S. Jayasree has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. She is currently working as Scientist in Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum and is heading the division of Biophotonics and Imaging. Her scientific contributions spans from spectroscopy, lasers in medicine to  photonics and nanobiophotonics.

She is Assistant Editor of AJP.

Asian Journal of Physics (ISSN 0971-3093)  Vol 26, No 1, January 2017 will be an Special issue


Recent advances in trap based precision measurement and application

Edited by

Manas Mukherjee

In recent years ion trap based precision measurement has made tremendous progress in strengthening our understanding of nature. A single or multiple ions in an ion trap after being laser cooled provides the best scenario of perturbation free quantum system. Therefore, it is being applied not only to perform precise quantum state manipulation but also to apply it for probing fundamental symmetries of nature like parity and time reversal. On one hand g-factor measurements on single particle has been performed with exceedingly high precision in Penning traps aiming to compare it with anti-proton, on the other hand ion clocks in Paul traps are becoming more and more precise competing neck-to-neck with optical lattice clocks. On the emerging side ion traps are the simplest devices to test the behaviour of matter close to quantum regime in particular pertaining to thermodynamics and quantum heat engines.

Therefore, for this special issue, contributions are invited to summarize the developments made in this field over the last few years and also what could be expected in the coming years in both theory and experiment. This includes both Penning and Paul trap measurements apart from electrostatic and storage rings. The issue would highlight the success of these measurements and shed light on the future of this rapidly expanding field.

The topic would include but not limited to

1. Precision tests on many body physics
2. Penning trap measurements with single protons

3. Ion clock
4. Quantum information processing with trapped ions
5. Thermodynamics in quantum limit with trapped ions


Manas Mukherjee


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Shri V N Rastogi

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